Monday, April 6, 2009

The finest example in composite design in the Indo-Aryan Temple style

The Kendariya Mahadeo temple is the finest example in Indo-Aryan temple style because of its attainment of unity in design of its components such as mandapas. It becomes a composite design in plan and exterior profile. It results into overall jagged profile of mostly revered Kailash. The raised platform on which the temples stands in itself becomes dominant feature of the composition. The great flight of steps gives one a sense of arrival in higher ritualistic sense also.


  1. Hi KS:)

    Greetings :)

    The design and architecture is very unique and very interesting. It is also to be admired that this temple withstood the ravages of nature and retained its beauty. Amazing!

    I can see some scaffolding. I suppose renovation and restoration work is going on.

    Have a good day,KS:)

  2. Thanks. I will be benefiting from your comments like this. You are most welcome here!