Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ashoka, and the beginnings of the Buddhist adventure

Bhaje Caves situated at Malavali near lonavala; a group of 18 Buddhist caves of first century BC located at the foothills of Lohgad fort. The Bhaje caves are amongst the oldest monasteries excavated by monks of the Hinayana order carved around 200 BC.
Buddha during Gupta period

barrel vaulting at Karli

chaitya hall at Bhaja

barrel vaulting at Bhaja

chaitaya arch motif at Gandhara

The East Gate, Sanchi stupa

Stupa with its East Gate. The architraves are involuted at the ends. The motif is an indication that the legends represented could be continued 'ad infinitum'

The Budhist chaitya-hall at Karli

1. stupa( focus)

2.nave( congregational)

3.aisles (next to the cave sides)

4. vestibule ( entry)

STUPAS and monastries at Sanchi in the early centuries of the christian era.

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